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We are ready to welcome you! Reservations will start from August!

27 August 2021

Although it is related to the epidemic, we have suspended picking up customers for nearly two months,
But during this time, we learned to slow down the pace of life,
Live a simple, healthy and beautiful life for epidemic prevention.
In addition, we have not stopped making progress due to the epidemic,
Taking advantage of this gap, we strive to appropriately upgrade and improve Provence’s hardware facilities.
I hope to bring guests a more comfortable accommodation experience in the future!
Our soul of cleaning and tidying up is still indestructible, so we must keep our guest rooms clean!
We have also renewed the adhesive strips for separating wet and dry in the bathroom, and all the room types have replaced the sanitary toilet!
There is also the light transmission problem of the guest room curtains that guests have reported before, we have also adjusted this time!
The outdoor environment has also become better with Jia Dad's careful maintenance!
We hope that the replacement of the old in every corner will make you feel our intentions!
Whether you miss the magnificent mountain views of Provence, the comfortable accommodation in the countryside, or the craftsmanship of Jiama!
Welcome you who are bored to vacation, inhale Fendol, see the healing mountain scenery, and feel our warm hospitality. Arrange a trip to recharge your batteries in the second half of 2021!
Bookings from August to December are fully open~
⚠️Reservation in August will pick up guests with reduced load, so you can stay at ease!

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