Preserving the rural architecture of Provence in South France

The irreplaceable Villa features

There are harmonious earth expressions, beautiful sky lines, revitalizing mountains and forests, creating resting corners in the mountains, and the environment is priceless. The plants and trees here are presented with care and persistence. Found here; it turns out that mountains have many different expressions, just like human emotions. When facing different people and things, they naturally have different masks. When the body and mind flow in harmony, you will find a different self. Living here in nature, living in the landscape, on the large balcony of the mountain, and dinner here starts on the balcony. The beauty of the mountain makes the five senses of the body full of joy, the mountain is silent, and the power of silence makes the body calm and releases its ability.

Start with the persistence of one tree and one scene

We insist on the best and the achieving dreams with time. Although the process is hard, the joy built from empty, the dedication and determination from having to fulfilling the dream, let us deeply realize that persistence can definitely achieve classic

Nanzhuang Villa Provence

We have the best environment and the best view in Nanzhuang, allowing you to browse the magnificent mountain and beautiful nature scenery. There are so many fun here, I hope you can also experience it.

360-degree View of the Villa

Villa Photos

Villa Night View

Beautiful Surroundings

Exquisite Scenery

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