• To experience the romantic vacation style of South France

    Feel free to meditate, stroll, and reverie in the deciduous pine forest, wandering in the mountains and forests, embracing the nature
  • A romantic style like a fairy tale dream

    Far away from the busy metropolis, a comfortable space for meditation and relaxation
  • Invite you to experience the feast of nature

    Far away from the busy metropolis, a comfortable space for meditation and relaxation

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Nanzhuang Villa Provence, Your Best Homestay Choice

Beautiful Southern France European Style

Nanzhuang Villa Provence is close to Nanzhuang Old Street, Xiangtian Lake, Nanjiang Old Street, Tung Tung Blossom, Shenxian Valley, Summer Fireflies, Spring Cherry Blossoms, Hakka Food, Penglai River Fish Trail, 42 Cold Spring Trails, Nanzhuang Dwarf Festival. It is also very convenient to drive or take a taxi to Nanzhuang Old Street. We have the best environment and the best view in Nanzhuang, allowing you to browse the magnificent mountain and beautiful scenery of Nanzhuang. There are so many fun Nanzhuang, I hope you can also experience it .

The Best Location with the Best View (Throughout the year)

Mountain Smoke Curls Beautifully (Throughout the year)

Cherry Blossom Season (February)

Nanzhuang’s cherry blossom season is in February. When the temperature is low, the cherry blossoms in Nanzhuang bloom for a long time and beautifully.

Tung Blossom Season (April to May)

Every April and May the Tung Blossoms bloom all over the mountains, and the whole Taiwan is going crazy with the Tung Blossom Festival.

Firefly Forest (April~May)

Nanzhuang tung tree blooming season in April and May is also firefly season.


  • Forest Recreation Area
  • Sunrise and star gazing car
  • Stargazing at night
  • Walking in the clouds
  • Zone out between mountains and forests
  • Family activities

  • Country life experience

  • Firefly Forest

  • Pot planting

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